Media Coverage – Extra! Extra! Read all about Ice!

Getting our science out to the public is one of our most important goals. We’re lucky that we get to go to work every day and solve problems that we find fascinating and we want everyone to have the opportunity to read about, join in, and get amped on our science too! Luckily we’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with a number of scientific and non-scientific news outlets who help us better tell the story of what we do every day. Many of these outlets are excellent resources for all types of science news, so get out there and get your science on!



Popular Mechanics | The Search for Aliens Starts Now—in Antarctica



We Should Look For Alien Life Where Oceans Meet Ice


An excellent article from on our Antarctic field work, potential habitability of Europa, and how we’re trying to figure out what the underside of the moon’s icy shell might look like. (Image Credit: NASA/JPL)