Thanks for your interest in Icefin and our lab! We are the Planetary Habitability and Technology Lab out of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA, USA, lead by Dr. Britney Schmidt. Our research focuses on planetary sciences and astrobiology, specifically regarding Europa, an ice-covered satellite of Jupiter with a lunar-wide ocean underneath. To do this, we do field research in Antarctica, an analogue to Europa, with our primary vehicle called the Ross Ice Shelf and Europa Underwater Probe (RISEUP), colloquially called Icefin. This 11-foot long, 280 pound vehicle deploys through a minimum 10-inch borehole in the ice, which can be made using a handheld Jiffy drill, can travel down to a maximum depth of 1500 meters, and takes oceanographic data through the entire water column while swimming in a variety of remotely-operated maneuvers and patterns. Icefin was first deployed in the 2014 austral summer season, with further development taking place over the subsequent years before a second deployment in the current (2017) austral summer. We will be traveling to the Ice for the next two field seasons as well to continue this work, and hope to have many more beyond, looking for undiscovered science and novel ways to research and document the harsh environs under the ice.

You can read more about our work and lab on our website, www.schmidt.eas.gatech.edu, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates!

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