Antarctica Wrap Up


(From left) Matt, Tiegan, and Frances celebrate a successful season and a safe return to Christchurch with a well-earned beer! Looks like Tiegan forgot sunblock! (Credit: Tiegan Hobbs)

Hi all! Tiegan just posted her final post of the season, wrapping up what was an incredible two months for the Icefin team in McMurdo station (and beyond)! Stay tuned for all the Icefin updates, but in the meantime, head on over to Tiegan’s blog for some great pictures of penguins (as always) and their sleepover at Barnes Glacier!

via Antarctica Wrap Up

We’re so excited over the coming months to share all of the amazing science data we collected, and are looking forward to continuing development of the Icefin vehicle for future work with NASA, NSF, USAP, Antarctica New Zealand, NERC, the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration and the MELT team, along with many others! As always, thanks to all our collaborators, sponsors, and supporters who make all of this possible! We can’t express our appreciation enough for all of the hard work you all put in on our behalf, and we’re looking forward to continuing to discover new scientific results using novel platforms and methods in the future!

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