Setting up the Fish Hut and Settling in for Weather

Tiegan talks science and hole drilling!

THobbs Field Dispatches

“Space is hard.”
-International Space Station Astronaut Scott Kelly

“Antarctica is also hard. And so are robots.”
-Icefin Team

“……….. but not always.”
-Andy and Tiegan

It’s been up and down here on the seventh continent. Andy, Britney, and I were able to get out to our first field site yesterday. It’s at the edge of the sea ice, about 100m from the ice shelf near New Zealand’s Scott Base. This is an important transition between glacier ice flowing under its own weight off the continent, and ice that forms directly in the water column. Shelf ice can be anywhere from 10’s of meters to over 3 km thick, whereas sea ice is typically only a few meters. In the water column, the solid sea ice that we walk on (columnar ice) is underlain by platelet and frazil ice. Frazil are very small blades of ice that form in the…

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