First week in McMurdo

Tiegan’s first week on Ice!

THobbs Field Dispatches

It’s been a busy first week in McMurdo! While the returning folks can mostly just do refreshers, the newbies like myself have been immersed in quite a bit of training. We’ve learnt how to drive a PistenBully (like a little red snow tank) and did training on operation and minor repairs of a snow mobile.

Because our group will be working on sea ice all season, we also completed training in assessing sea ice safety. A big component is evaluating cracks in the ice to see if they are crossable for the machine we are driving. That involves drilling holes across the crack to check the thicknesses at different locations and then assessing distances between sufficiently thick pieces. It sounds sketchy, but it’s just part of ensuring that we have all the skills to keep ourselves safe in the field. In reality we will mostly be on flagged sea ice…

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