Still Waiting for Good Weather in MCM

Another update from out new geologist, Tiegan!

THobbs Field Dispatches

Due to continued storms rolling through McMurdo, we’re still sitting pretty in Christchurch. It’s a frustrating time, knowing that the delayed fly out means we will have less time on the ice to complete our work. The upside is that we have a little longer in the land of functioning internet, making it easier to do other work. Yesterday I finally got the Raspberry Shake and Boom configured and tested, ensuring it can operate in offline mode and continue recording data when unattended on the sea ice. This is possible due to the excellent support from Raspberry Shake engineers and the help of Icefin engineer, Chad Ramey. Below you can see some example waveforms, showing the three slow and three fast test signals. That’s a fancy way to say I banged my fist on the table it was sitting on.

Testing the Raspberry Shake

The next step will be to finish building the…

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