Meet the Team – Anthony!

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Meet the Team”!

Every Monday (approximately), we will be highlighting a member of the Icefin team with twelve very serious questions.  This week we’re talking with one of our least food-driven teammates and a man of few words, Anthony! He worked with Icefin in it’s first revision, way back in the day, for his Ph.D., before going off and working for industry. However, like Matt, he couldn’t escape for long, and he’s back with us, looking forward to the upcoming field season!

IMG_20180601_204530 - Anthony Spears

Who are you?

I’m an electrical engineer on the team working on the computing aspects of Icefin.

Bagels or donuts?


What onesie are you bringing to the field next season?

[Ed note: He left this question blank, so it’s safe to assume he thinks he’s not bringing one to the field. However, because we’re so team-oriented, this is important, so we’ll be surprising him with one. If you have suggestions, email/FB message/Insta DM/whatever-other-way-you-know-how-to-contact-us!]

If you could have one thing to have an endless supply of, what would it be?


Title your autobiography.

Anthony: An autobiography. [Ed note: Alternatively, “Anthony: An Autobiography with Infinite Icefins.”]

How do penguins make you feel?


What kind of penguin are you?



An Erect-Crested Penguin, or Anthony without his human-suit. The resemblance is uncanny. (Credit: Ting Zwei Kuei/Flickr)

What was your first job? Short bit about it.

Cashier at Albertsons. [Ed note: Apparently it was a thrilling introduction to adult-hood.]

How do you like your eggs done?

Over easy. [Ed note: Was expecting this answer to just say, “cooked.”]

What (or who) is your favorite fictional robot? If you have a favorite non-fictional one too, please include it. Why?

R2-D2. Non-fictional obviously Icefin. [Ed note: He really likes Icefin.]

What’s your favorite or most interesting part about working with robots? Why do you want to work with them?

Unlimited capabilities. [Ed note: Someday.]

That’s all for this week! Join us again next week (hopefully) to meet the other members of the team, and keep up to date with us as always on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter (@icefinrobot)!

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