Meet the Team – Kit!

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Meet the Team”!

Every Monday, we will be highlighting a member of the Icefin team with twelve very serious questions. Today we’ll be introducing one of our longer-tenured undergraduates, Kit!

26072073_543421542676688_4749856696887672832_n - Kit p

Who are you?

Mechanical Engineer Research Assistant.

Bagels or donuts?

Bagels… because all of the bread.

What onesie are you bringing to the field next season?

A mermaid one 😀

If you could have one thing to have an endless supply of, what would it be?


Title your autobiography.

My parents from the first moment I could talk, liked to say I was “willful”.

How do penguins make you feel?

They kinda act like little dogs so I love them?

What kind of penguin are you?

The one in the popular video that slaps the other into the water without flinching. That kind.

(Ed note: For some reason, I can’t put a caption for this video, but I can say that this is hilarious and well-worth watching with the sound off on a loop. I can also say that the video quality is too low for me to determine what species of penguin this is, but it is does look big enough to be an Emperor, and is missing the distinctive features of most other species.)

What was your first job?

My first job was working year-round in high school as a server and life guard at a country club. My two internship projects were centered around making first responses to natural disasters more efficient.

How do you like your eggs done?

Easy Over.

What (or who) is your favorite fictional robot? If you have a favorite non-fictional one too, please include it. Why?

Fictional robot (or should I say suit?) is Iron Man for sure.


The Iron Man suit (shown here), worn by the fictional Tony Stark, raises the age old question – what defines a robot? 

What’s your favorite or most interesting part about working with robots? Why do you want to work with them?

I like being able to see the end result of everyone’s work.

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