Meet the Team – Dan!

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Meet the Team”!

Every Monday (approximately), we will be highlighting a member of the Icefin team with seven very serious questions.  This week we’re featuring our resident Seattleite, coffee guru, and electrical system designer, Dan!

Who are you?

Icefin’s electron shepherd from Seattle.

mcmurdo_sign - Daniel Dichek

Dan is on the right, wearing his infamous mohair sweater. One of our Ice friend Toni is on the left. This is an accurate image of Dan on a daily basis on station. Credit: Dan Dichek

Bagels or donuts?

Bagels. Many more possibilities, overlapping with what is possible with doughnuts: you can fry and frost them to make slightly chewier doughnuts. You can degrease a donut. I have. Flavor does not survive the transformation.

What onesie are you bringing to the field next season?

One of maximal warmth but with a hint of danger and curious inconvenience to keep life exciting:

Ed note: I have no words.

If you could have one thing to have an endless supply of, what would it be?

Excellent coffee.

Title your autobiography.

“I Quadruple Checked and I Don’t Regret It”

Both a catalog of my excruciating meticulousness and an expression of a thorough lack of remorse for certain unusual decisions (consider answer 2 above).

How do penguins make you feel?

Pure delight. The pair I met were very excited to waddle across the vast nothingness towards nowhere and I’d love to need so little to be so entertained.

What kind of penguin are you?

The very curious kind.

What is your favorite Antarctican vehicle?

The snowmobile. When I’m the driver. (Ed. note: This is a terrifying situation.)

What is your favorite picture from the 2017 field season and why?

og_squad_out - Daniel Dichek

The team trekking into the wilderness. Credit: Justin Lawrence.

Lots of memories in this photo. It was taken as the team was exploring the icy base of an active volcano, Mt. Erebus, in Antarctica, with a guide from base. That was the team’s first day on the ice. I will never forget the realization that we were the first people to explore part of the planet. Just about a month after this photo was taken, we drove Icefin under the glacier in the background and saw some truly incredible sights. This photo also reminds me of how deceptive and treacherous the Antarctic is: our guide warned us of hidden ice bridges that could collapse and trap us, and my foot got stuck in a small, hidden crack. When I lifted my foot out of the crack, we discovered a glittering collection of ice crystals shaped like emeralds extending deep into a blue-black darkness.


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