Sunday Science Tours


After a six-day work week, everyone eagerly looks forward to a day off and Sunday Brunch as the weekend rolls around- I suspect most are equally excited about Crary Lab science tours!

Crary Lab is named after Albert P. Crary, a pioneering glaciologist and geophysicist who worked at both poles and was the former chief scientist for the United States Antarctic Program. Constructed in 1991, the lab is an incredible resource down here- three stories and fully equipped to enable the hundreds of scientists who move through each season. Among the many scientists on base currently, there are some groups tagging and tracking penguin colonies, dive teams looking at polar fish and installing ocean observatories, engineerings working with robotic ice-penetrating radar systems, and divers and videographers from the BBC working on the next Planet Earth installment.

Sunday Lab tours are a small way for us to share our work with everyone here on base who works so hard to support it.



Britney chatting about some of Icefin’s systems in front of the rear thruster and a side thruster module outside our lab in Crary.


4 responses to “Sunday Science Tours

  1. CentralAZ student here. Wow, that’s cool that there are more than just the 8 of you there. I was thinking it was just you 8. More chances of making new friends and learning about other projects. Very interesting.


  2. Best wishes on for this field season – I’ll be watching the blog with a tinge of jealousy! Hope its smooth sailing and the science goes well!


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