Sea Trials!

Artemis is in the water! We were able to get the first dunk completed earlier this week and have been fine tuning the ballast and trim of the vehicle to achieve neutral buoyancy. This will reduce the amount of energy expended to counteract sinking or floating and provides good control and a stable science platform. Check out the photos below to see some more of what we’ve been up to-

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2 responses to “Sea Trials!

  1. Hello, My name is Nancy and I am a student at Central Arizona College. That is amazing what you guys are doing out there. I would not be able to get in that hole without having an anxiety attack. What data are you expecting to have Artemis gather for you? How long are you expected to stay? How cold is it out there? Are there certain times of the day you are sending Artemis in the waters to get info? You all are amazing!


    • Hello again! We are gathering lots of data with Artemis, some examples are salinity, temperature, ice thickness, pH, and light. We’ve been down here since August 29th and hope to stay through December 17th, although if the sea ice stays thick enough we might stay longer. Currently we are running missions when currents are low (helps to save the battery on Artemis) which has been in the evening. Working the night shift!


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