Moving Day

This past Saturday, Artemis made the trip out to our field camp! The pace is picking up this week as we shift operations out to the Bot Garage and it won’t be long now until the tents go up and we start spending the majority of our time in the field.

Camp set up and science planning continues while Bill, Vickie, Josh, and John work on the vehicle and Kristof, Chris, Peter, and Evan work on code. Brian has been setting up the radio frequency tracking and communications system as well, which I’m looking forward to seeing in action. The galley tent is just about set and our phones and internet are up too. Two of the divers here on station (Steve and Rob) also came out and installed the cone on the bottom of the culvert in the Bot Garage as well, which functions as a bit of an inverse funnel to guide Artemis home as it returns after a mission.

While we’re all eager to see Artemis in the water, it will be small steps to start. We are planning the first dive for the end of this week though, stay tuned! Check out the time lapse below which shows how we got the vehicle into the Bot Garage-

One response to “Moving Day

  1. CAC student here, Im sure this is quite rewarding considering that you guys have started the program, designed many of its components, and are now seeing it into action. Im looking forward to years in the future of this exploration to this moon to be a success and discover life!


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