Weather Delay

Today we woke up to Condition One weather, which means that no one is even allowed to even travel between buildings let alone attempt field work. Yesterday’s forecast provided the foresight to bring computers back from the lab to work from the dorms as we are right now, but unfortunately I completely dropped the ball on wrapping up some pizza from last night for breakfast. Now we wait for either the weather to subside or ropes to be run between buildings to make a food run, but the forecast tonight looks improved.

Current weather conditions here Tuesday morning

Current weather conditions here Tuesday morning

The USAP condition one conditions

The USAP condition one weather requirements


3 responses to “Weather Delay

  1. My name is keren, I am a student at Central Arizona College. I am astounded at how cold it gets to the point of you guys not being able to do anything. I love the cold weather but I think that would be too much for me to handle but keep up the good work.


  2. Hi, I am a Central AZ College Student (ENV 101), I was curious since I am from AZ I don’t have to deal with snow or such low temperatures. I know you guys are using the data and explorations to assist in understanding Europa. Do you guys have technology that can determine what the temperature is on Europa? I was just curious to see how similar the weather is on Europa compared to Antarctica.


    • Good question, to start let me just say that Europa is quite a bit colder than Antarctica. In fact, the coldest recorded temperature on Earth is −128.6 °F (184.0 K), but even the warmest regions at Europa are much colder at −260 °F (110 K). Surface temperatures are affected by many processes, but can be estimated by figuring out how much sunlight Europa receives and how reflective it is. Any light that isn’t reflected off the surface can contribute to heating of the surface.


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